Monday, March 26, 2007

My Weekend: Art Openings and Ass-Kickings

1. Friday night went to an art opening: Paul Behnke's Sallynoogin Drawings and Dwayne Butcher's Art Made With a Ring at Marshall Arts. What a great show! I especially enjoyed all of the grids.

2. After dinner with the Saucier, Mr. & Mrs. Click(Daily) and Dr. George at the always fabulous India Palace, we went to Dwayne's birthday party - he's 30, how cute is that?! At his & G's house I discovered that they have the best refrigerator magnets I've ever seen.

3. Saturday, after spending the day in denial about how anxious I was about the rollerderby bout, I went out there and totally kicked ass. The Legion of Zoom beat the Women of Mass Destruction 143-135 - it was close! But we fought hard to keep the lead. Here is maybe the best rollerderby picture ever. Roxy Codone, on the right with her face on the floor, got right back up and asked ME if I was okay!

4. Sunday I moaned and groaned a lot. Winning kicked my ass, but from now on I will be used to it!

(Next bout - Saturday April 14 - DOUBLE HEADER! - get your tickets now -

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