Friday, March 23, 2007

What I Did on My Spring Break

Or, What I Did Visiting My Sister in Ft. Lauderdale

• Might have seen Hal Holbrook at the Memphis Airport. Whoever it was, he was talking loudly on his cell phone.
• Ate meatloaf made by my brother-in-law, Keith
• Went to a free-standing Dairy Queen that is right around the corner from my sister’s house – I’m so jealous since the only Dairy Queen in Memphis is at the Wolfchase Mall.
• Slept late
• Ate at the Cheesecake Factory for the first time and the second time
• Fell while walking down Las Olas, a very busy street, but popped right back up like I was skating or something.
•Went to a Christmas store – it was very tacky and kind of scary, but the guy who worked there walked Katherine and me individually to our car with an umbrella because it was raining so hard – he was like an elf!
• Ate at a Mexican restaurant, which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows my sister
• Went to downtown Ft. Lauderdale, walked along the riverwalk and saw a new public art project by Dan Corson – it is a lighting project in a plaza and is fun to interact with or just to look at.
• Went to a baby shower for my sister thrown by her friend Jenn. Here are a few things Jenn had at the shower:
*** Publix cake
*** Diaper “cake”
*** Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookies half dipped in chocolate because my sister insisted on having chocolate desserts because “fruit is breakfast or a snack”
*** Keepsake onesie for everyone to sign
*** Corsage for Katherine – pink gingham with a stuffed cartoony baby in the middle
*** A medal for Katherine
*** Gifts for the grandmothers and for Keith
*** Pink M&M’s
*** Pink Rice Krispie treats
*** Sherbert punch
*** 2-bite brownies with white icing and green sprinkles (it was St. Patrick’s Day)
*** Green pea-in-the-pod pins that pertained to 2 different shower games (I won one of them!)
*** Cars and coloring books for the kids
• Sorted and counted all of the clothes for the Little Lady – believe it or not I didn’t just do that for fun, but to really see what Katherine still needs. It was totally fun, though.
• Went to the Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum and saw an exhibit called “Chicano”, one about the Highwaymen, and one about William Glackens.
• Ate one of the best shrimp po-boys I’ve ever had at Shuck 'N Dive Cajun Cafe.
• Just hung out with my sister, driving around, shopping, watching TV – that was all probably my favorite part.


aunt katherine said...

You're the best sister ever! You forgot to add to your list all of the hours we spent staring at my stomach. Did you not want anyone to know that?

Elizabeth Alley said...

Of course that was the best part of the whole weekend!!!