Friday, April 20, 2007

Central BBQ

You would think that being married to The Saucier that I would eat BBQ all the time. But, alas, he does a lot of his research solo or with friends at lunch. So last night when Thursday night family dinner coincided with The Saucier still being out of town, we went to Central BBQ without him. Other bloggers joined us! Hello other bloggers! Anyway, here are some (not so positive) observations about Central BBQ:

1. They had a band playing. On the deck that is a couple of hundred square feet, at 6:30 in the evening when all of the families are still out, they had musicians shoved in a corner with all their gear plugged in. I have nothing against music - I love it! - and they were doing nice covers, but why does there have to be live music? Playing? While I'm eating? While I'm trying to visit with my nephews and nieces? And the Chockleybloggers and Secret Agent Mom, each of whom I maybe said 2 words to?

2. Maybe we should have moved it inside, you say? Well, the weather was lovely, which is one of the reasons we went there, but also the floor inside would've been dangerous with all the kids (5 walking) because it was as slippery as an eel (not that I would ever walk on an eel, but it's the only expression I could think of). Seriously though - it was slick! - I slid twice and I was wearing tennis shoes!

3. While waiting for my food, one of the owners (I think) was outside bussing tables, and was having a conversation with someone about the health inspector's visit. I did not hear what he said but it was not: "We got a 100!" Hearing talk about the health inspector while eating at a restaurant is the equivalent to hearing talk about mechanical problems while in an airplane. I don't want to hear it.

4. The bun of my BBQ chicken sandwich was so cheap they might as well have given me a BBQ chicken plate without a fork, as the bun did nothing but disintegrate in my hand.

5. Okay okay that is a lot of complaining, but I do have something positive to say - I usually get the vinegar sauce there (they have a choice of 4 sauces: mild, hot, vinegar, mustard), but last night I decided to branch out and try the mild sauce, and it was DELICIOUS.

6. Will I go back? You know I will - it's still BBQ.


aunt katherine said...

i knew that y'all were having family dinner at central bbq so i begged keith to go get me some bbq too. i felt like i was there with y'all--dancing to the band, slipping on the floor, having strangers ask me if I was due any day now...

hamlett said...

oh you went to central bar-b-que, so that must mean interstate, neely's, all memphis tops AND barbque shop were all closed? or do you just have a thing for crinkle cut fries? i like crinkle cut fries too but i don't think i could go to central barbque. (those other places might not have barbque chicken sandwiches but does that mean central bar-b-que ran out of pork? why would you get chicken when you could get pork? it's the other white meat.)

i'm glad you found those map pins.

you don't have time for que anyway, you gotta get some painting done, that 65 foot long wall at marshall isn't going to be filled up all by itself.

love the lists.
hope you're good.