Monday, April 16, 2007

Say Anything

These are things I either forgot or have never noticed about the movie Say Anything, which I watched last night at about 12:30, since I could not sleep, as T is in stupid Scottsdale. By the way - these are not criticisms, just sleepy observations.
1. Diane Court had a mother. I thought she didn't.
2. Jeremy Piven is in it. Just kidding, I knew that already.
3. Lots of scenes in that movie take place in cars and not ONCE are they wearing seat belts! (I'm speaking only of the actual driving the car scenes.)
3. During THE scene - when Lloyd is outside with the radio - Diane does not get up out of her bed to look out the window and see what's up. I guess she just knew.
4. When Lloyd is practicing the kickboxing and Diane walks in and he gets kicked in the face (one of my favorite scenes, by the way) - I really don't think he would be sparring without some sort of protective gear on his head and face area. Of course he didn't wear a seat belt, either, so I guess he was just more dangerous than I remembered. Plus I don't know anything about the kickboxing, except the bare feet make them look like they are doing it wrong.
5. Say Anything could contain the first recorded use of "finger quotes".


lacochran said...

Great flick and interesting observations. On a side but related note, I learned today that you are 30 to 40 TIMES more likely to die in an accident if your body leaves the vehicle. So where those seatbelts!

Elizabeth Alley said...

me, personally?! just kidding. i always wear a seat belt because when i don't i feel like i'm going to spontaneously fly out of the window. i am nowhere near as dangerous as Lloyd Dobler.

Secret Agent Mom said...

Ahh, one of my Top Five movies, and starring one of my Five. I don't think Lloyd was so dangerous, though - I'm pretty sure they didn't even put seatbelts in Malibus of that era.