Monday, April 30, 2007

Guestlist: Top 8 Driving Songs

by Guest Blogger RJA

As a younger man I drove for a living. I transported packages across town as a courier and shuttled people as a chauffer. One of the delights of these jobs, other than spending the days free of four walls, was listening to the radio. This is a list of the Top 8 Driving Songs that I can remember from my time as a professional driver in the early to mid-90s. These aren't songs that are necessarily in my own music collection, nor would I necessarily listen to these while sedentary on my couch, but they're tunes that would pop up on the radio, prompting me to take the long way around. They made the list due to their length or their indubitable drivability. Songs are in no particular order.

1) Paradise By The Dashboard Lights --Meatloaf
2) American Girl -- Tom Petty & the Heartreakers
3) Walk On The Wild Side -- Lou Reed
4) Sympathy For The Devil -- Rolling Stones
5) Can't You Hear Me Knocking -- Rolling Stones
6) Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen
7) Panama -- Van Halen
8) The Boys Are Back in Town -- Thin Lizzy


Secret Agent Mom said...

I think you meant "Here Comes My Girl," because "American Girl" is only an acceptable driving song if you're heading back to your apartment parking lot to help Buffalo Bill get a sofa into his van.

Heather said...

Years ago I went to see the movie Copycat. It's about this guy who copies a serial killer etc. When we got in the car to leave American Girl was playing on the radio!! TOTALLY freaked me out!!!

RJA said...

Numbers 9 and 10 in my list of 8 are:

Back In Black -- AC/DC
La Grange -- ZZ Top

Elizabeth Alley said...

While driving in the car, I'm fond of "Freewill" by Rush. Outside of the car I'm not so sure?

Kristy said...

I think this is grounds for divorce.

Anonymous said...

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