Thursday, April 5, 2007

Leave My Sister Alone!

Here is a list of additional comments that my pregnant sister has received since the ones last week. She says she might stop going out in public.

6. In CVS – “You’re not going to have that baby in here are you?!?!”
7. At Blimpies – “When are you due? In May?!?! That’s going to be a BIG baby!”
8. At the Salon – (In Katherine's words) This woman was the worst ever. She was just relentless.
W: When are you due? Any minute now?(another woman sitting there starts laughing so hard it sounds like she’s cackling.)
Me: No. In May. (I answered her slowly and deliberately)
W: OH? So you still have 4 more weeks??
Me: No, I have 7 more weeks.
W: Oh wow! Is it just one baby in there or two?
Me: (already I have my phone out texting Elizabeth what this woman is saying but I look up to say:) One.

People, please think before you speak. Sheeeeesh.

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Secret Agent Mom said...

I had the following conversation at a coffee bar last night.

Stranger: "So ... I assume you're pregnant."
Me: "No, I've just had a really hard time dropping the holiday weight."