Thursday, April 19, 2007

What I Did on My Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off to paint. Here is my day, not really in order.

1.First, right before I woke up I dreamed that in conjunction with Memphis in May, I was going to get to show my paintings for one day in New York City. I don't know where, just "in New York City" was enough to make the dream exciting. In the dream my Mom even wanted to come to New York to see them! Of course the dream ended with me stressing out about what to wear.

2. Got everything ready for the plumber to come over. Called the plumber twice to see where he was (he was not feeling well and came later). The plumber came over, and while we were talking about what needed to be done in the bathroom, I saw that he had a bee on his back, and then I got the bee, which was already half-dead, off of his back. That was weird.

3. Gessoed some paper. Made an emergency run up to the Art Center for 5 different blue paints and more paper. Painted a whole painting. Sketched out the remainder of what I have to do to finish up for my show. Started a painting, then realized it was not working like I wanted it to, so I started over.

4. Listened to a couple of hours of "Homicide: Life on the Street" while painting. Damn that was a good show. It makes me think, "aaaaahh, the 90's..."

5. Took a break from painting and sat on my porch swing reading Bluebeard. Then finally looked up the word "chromo," after first reading it in the book when I was a teenager. It is short for "chromolithography," a printing process using different plates or stones for each color. If we'd had the internet when I was 16 maybe I would've known that already.

6. Visited with my brother when he brought over a copy of the Punch the Clock bonus disc. Forgot to call my sister back - sorry, Katherine!

7. Watched (actually just listened to - still painting!) the new, not-Trinny-and-Susannah, British What Not to Wear and I gotta say - I don't like it. They don't give them rules! They just say stuff like, "Don't dress like a slut. Okay, now go shopping! Bloody hell." (I added that last part so that you would read it in a British accent).

8. Talked to T who is still in stupid Scottsdale. Talked to myself a bit because I have been in the house mostly by myself all day.


cgeorge1 said...

I'm boycotting the new "What Not To Wear". It's blasphemy not having Trinny and Susanna. Plus, you MUST have rules.

Elizabeth Alley said...

amen, sister.

RJA said...

So it's safe to say that #6 was the highlight of your day?