Sunday, April 22, 2007

Listmania! with Stacey Greenberg

As part of Get to Know Your Blogger, I sent Stacey Greenberg of Fertile Ground, Dining with Monkeys, and Chop Fayn a list to make lists out of. And even though she's been all over town leaving lists in other people's comments, the following is what you get when you ask someone adept at writing things like sentences and paragraphs to make a list:

List 1: 3 Things I would do if I won the lottery:
Well I never buy lottery tickets so this is an impossibility. If given a large sum of cash, I have no idea. I imagine I'd pay my bills, save a little, and then establish some sort of foundation. Ok that's boring! I'd buy MRD their own warehouse with everything needed to host top notch bouts. Then I'd totally trick out Evergreen Montessori so that it would have the best materials, best playground, best teachers, low tuition, etc. If there was anything left, I'd probably quit my job and spend a good deal of time traveling. (In the VW Camper Van of Warren's dreams.)

List 2: 3 Famous people that I'm totally in love with:
I'm not totally in love with any famous people I don't think. I used to have a thing for Parker Posey. Once I met her and had my picture taken with her it fanned the flames a bit. I also used to be madly in love with Patrick Stewart, but really only in his role as Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. (My sister actually met him and told him I was in love with him.) I think lately I prefer to develop crushes on people I see in real life. It's more satisfying.

List 3: 3 Favorite blogs:
Well beyond my inner circle (Listwork/Sketchwork, Urf!, Sassy Molassy, Bar-b-log, Click Daily, Secret Agent Mom, Chockley blog) I have to say that I really enjoy Mel's Only in Memphis blog, the Gates of Memphis, My Midtown Memphis, and Squirrel Squad Squeeks. I also like crafty blogs like Soule Mama and helpful blogs like Parent Hacks.

List 4: 3 Things the average person does not know about rollerderby:
The average person I think has no idea how much of a time commitment it is with practices, committee work, league meetings, etc. and how much each girl gives of herself to make it work. Also, I'd say that the average person probably doesn't get the satisfaction that we feel when we get a big ol' nasty bruise or how much one's body aches after a practice/bout.

List 5: 3 favorite dishes that I've reviewed:
Ooh another sneaky one!! Fish tacos at Las Tortugas, Spicy tuna pizza at
Blue Fin, and Bacon Wrapped Stuffed shrimp at Cafe Ole. (These were actually the first three I ever did!)

List 6: 3 Things I enjoyed about having a 5-kid slumber party: was really fun just to say it and see the fear in most people's eyes! It was fun seeing how everyone interacted (Satchel & Jiro knew everyone, but not all of the other kids knew each other). I enjoyed having an excuse to get Memphis Pizza Cafe. I enjoyed getting to see our nice big yard get a LOT of action. I enjoyed seeing my boys enjoy themselves.

List 8: 3 Things I regret about having a 5-kid slumber party:
I didn't like getting up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning!! (Even my early birds will sleep until at least 7:45am.) I worry that some precedent has been set and that soon we will be having slumber parties every weekend! (The parties where the parents come and then everyone leaves before bedtime are much more fun! ha!) Uh...I can't think of anything else, which is a good sign. Besides the lack of sleep, it really was fun! Oh, I guess you could say I regret that all the other midtown bloggers got together
w/o me and that Kristy even cooked dinner. Losers!!

Auxiliary List - By the Author:
3 Things that I know about Stacey:
1. She still limps, with her left foot sort of out to the side. I'm not sure if she knows that she does this.
2. She is incredibly easy to talk to - I think mostly because she likes to ask a lot of questions, which just leaves me talking about myself a lot, which I really enjoy doing.
3. She seems to bring the same amount of enthusiasm to all of her efforts: being a mother and wife, being a writer, playing for the Memphis Roller Derby in the Legion of Zoom...even organizing get-togethers!


Secret Agent Mom said...

One More Thing About Stacey: she has trouble counting to three.

Stacey Greenberg said...


i feel special. and yeah, i know i limp--didn't realize my foot was sticking out though. (jiro limps exactly the same way!) we have some work to do. :)

thanks for doing this!! and yes, S.A.M. I kept thing 5 instead of 3!

Kristy said...

That has got to be the worst lottery fantasy I have ever heard.