Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Foods I Have Tried

  1. Chinese food in Italy
  2. black pepper ice cream
  3. bison burger
  4. octopus balls
  5. chitlins
  6. braunschweiger
  7. foie gras
  8. injera (a.k.a. "spongefork")
  9. mariquitas
  10. pierogi
  11. potato knish
  12. goat sandwich
  13. 18th century Thanksgiving dinner
  14. Croque McDo
  15. boudin
  16. an 11-plus-course meal on my wedding night
  17. rabbit. mmmm...lots of rabbit.
  18. breakfast from a scary-looking Asian convenience store in Philadelphia (dang it was good, though!)
  19. paprika pringles
  20. grass jelly tea, from a can, through a straw


Anonymous said...

ah paprika pringles,
those are awesome, and ketchup ruffles, awesome.

Mrs. Katherine said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, Croque McDo.

Heather said...

oh yeah? well i've had lambs heads and eyeballs!!! hee hee

Stacey Greenberg said...

now this is a list!

Anonymous said...

Octopus balls? All eight of them?

#20 reminds me, you'll have to try my latest potation, a wheatgrass cocktail I call the Weed Eater.

Mel said...

For Valentine's Day Bari had black pepper-vanilla gelato on fresh strawberry semolina cake with balsamic glaze.

Slap your Momma good!!!

Lucky me, I am at Bari right now!! hungry??

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