Friday, December 31, 2010

3 Most Exciting Sounds per George Bailey

  1. anchor chains
  2. plane motors
  3. train whistles
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa's Advice for Buddy the Elf

  1. You see gum on the street, leave it there. It's not free candy.
  2. There are, like, thirty Ray's Pizzas. They all claim to be the original, but the real one is on 11th.
  3. If you see a sign that says "Peep Show," that doesn't mean that they're letting you look at presents before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Collection: Christmas DecorationsIn

A collection is like a 3-dimensional list, and, like a list, requires a minimum of 3 items to be considered a collection. Here are some of the Christmas decorations I've collected over the years.

1. Christmas lights! We don't do this every year, and when we don't we're shamed by the rest of our block.

2. Wreath - just bought this because with the pine cones and the big red bow it looks just like every wreath I drew as a kid.

3. "Tree" - This is new this year as well. Our midtown bungalow full of furniture can't hold a real tree anymore.

4. These angel ornaments are my favorite. I made them in 1992, the first year Toby and I had a tree.

5. Stockings - Someone made Toby's last year, and I'm pretty sure Mel Spillman made mine, as it is my name in glitter.

6. Manger - I bought this on e-bay a few years ago when I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood Christmas decorations. Typical of unscrupulous e-bay sellers, none of the figures actually matched - some are plaster, some are plastic - one sheep is as big as the cow, and only one of the three kings is present. But I still love it.

7. Angels! I also got these on my nostalgic e-bay spree, because when I was little we had a tree-topper in this style that was "mine." I love these gals - they are so cute!

8. Christmas cards - By tying Christmas cards to a string of garland I've turned your Christmas cards into a decoration!

9. This nutcracker is the newest edition, but will probably end up being a year-round decoration. Our nieces and nephews enthusiastically and unanimously picked this out for Uncle Toby, and were so excited about it they wanted him to open it before they opened their own presents!