Monday, January 28, 2008

About Running

  1. I enjoy running.
  2. I think of what I do as jogging because I do not go that fast. When did we stop saying "jogging"?
  3. My preferred speed is a 13-minute mile.
  4. I like to run 2 miles if I am going by distance or 30 minutes if I'm going by time.
  5. I ran 30 minutes in a row for the first time on December 31, 2006.
  6. I ran my first race, the Cooper Young 4-miler, on September 14, 2007. It was the first time I had ever run 4 miles. I ran the whole way with Click (Daily) by my side (otherwise I would not have made it).
  7. I ran my second race, the Memphis Grizzlies House 5k, in December '07. I finished in 35:09, my best time ever.
  8. When I was at roller derby practice, I would occasionally fantasize about when my roller derby days would end and I would become a runner - I liked the idea of a solitary endeavor.
  9. I still don't consider myself a runner because I don't do it consistently enough.
  10. My husband ran in a marathon!
  11. I don't think I could ever run in a marathon, and I am impressed by people who do or who have.
  12. I would like to run 5k's more regularly - they are like exercise with a prize at the end.
  13. I overpronate.
  14. It is difficult for me to run without my iPod.
  15. When I first started running I would spend the whole time thinking, "I'm running. I'm running. When can I stop running?"
  16. I used to be self-conscious about the way I run, but that must have gone away with thinking about running the whole time I was running.
  17. The worst thing about running is getting a stitch in my side. That is hard to recover from.
  18. It would be nice if I could get up early every morning and run, but that is a laughable idea. For now I will just stick with going to the Y when I can get there.

90 Things about the 90's

  1. graduated from high school
  2. drove my first car to its death
  3. moved 500 miles away from my mother, stepdad, sister and little brother
  4. spent a year being almost devastatingly homesick
  5. went to art school for one year
  6. thought I fell in love - most likely a bad reaction to #4
  7. made some really bad work at art school. really. bad.
  8. for lunch when I was in art school, I would often have a snickers bar and a coke for lunch, because they cost 50 cents each out of the vending machines
  9. became disillusioned with art school and decided to take a year off (told my mother of this decision via letter because I'm a big chicken)
  10. worked at Dominos answering phones
  11. ate lots of Dominos pizza
  12. walked a lot because I didn't have a car for 2 years
  13. smoked a lot of cigarettes
  14. rode a Greyhound bus for the first and last time
  15. my family moved away from Panama City to Atlanta, but only stayed for a short time
  16. told my family that I smoke - they told me I looked ridiculous
  17. had my heart broken (it is not necessary to actually be in love to have your heart broken)
  18. spent a summer doing nothing but watching soap operas, smoking cigarettes, pining, and walking to work at Dominos at night
  19. in addition to Dominos, ate mostly ramen noodles and instant mashed potatoes
  20. worked at Shoney's for one night
  21. had a crazy roommate
  22. worked at Kinko's
  23. voted for the first time
  24. spent a lot of time watching the Wayback Machine and Judge Crater
  25. spent a lot of time at the Antennae Club, Recovery Road and the Pyramid Club watching the aforementioned bands
  26. fell in love for real
  27. was in a wreck for the first time (on first date with #26)
  28. lived with a man for the first time - see #26 (continue to live with him now) (told my mom on the phone this time)
  29. went to New Orleans for the first time - #26 surprised me with a trip for my 20th birthday
  30. bought a 1972 Volkswagon Superbeetle
  31. worked full-time for 2 years at a liquid chemical company on Presidents Island
  32. had lots of bad dreams about exploding chemical companies
  33. started wearing glasses full-time
  34. went to school at University of Memphis part-time for 2 years, declared art history as my major
  35. turned 21 while #26 was driving to Alaska
  36. was in my 2nd wreck - this time I was driving
  37. became a big sister for the 3rd time! at the age of...older than when most people get a new sibling
  38. went to my family's first reunion
  39. my VW was broken into at least 4 times
  40. moved out of the awesome but tiny apartment I'd lived in for 3 years
  41. lived in a pretty scary apartment complex near U of M (seems scarier thinking back then it did at the time)
  42. my friends started having babies, beginning with Robin
  43. starting plucking my eyebrows on a regular basis (you're welcome)
  44. realized working full-time made me feel old before my time and decided to go back to school full-time, changed my major to art education
  45. worked at Bookstar, where they paid me to alphabetize
  46. finally started hanging out with people my own age
  47. made a new best friend
  48. waited on Courtney Love at Bookstar - she bought a lot of poetry books
  49. attended my brother's wedding to his high-school sweetheart
  50. spent a lot of Saturday nights watching Two Faces perform at the Daily Planet
  51. watched a lot of the X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld and Friends
  52. moved into a big house with lots of other people - similar in concept to The Real World circa 1991, except that we already knew each other and no one was filming us
  53. had awesome parties in #52
  54. listened to a lot of Bare Naked Ladies
  55. listened to a lot of Ben Folds Five
  56. my brother & sister-in-law moved away from me, back to Panama City for about a year, then to New Mexico for about 2 weeks, then they came back here
  57. was in one of my best friend's wedding
  58. was in another best friend's wedding
  59. my sister graduated from high school
  60. one of my best friends moved away
  61. was given a "promise to get married when we're both ready" ring
  62. was in a very small hurricane in Panama City
  63. read a lot of books by Douglas Coupland
  64. read a lot of books by Tama Janowitz
  65. read a lot of Kurt Vonnegut, though that is not tied to this decade
  66. saw Lyle Lovett live in concert 2 or 3 times
  67. was crushed by the loss of my great-grandmother, Mimi K
  68. finally decided to change my major back to fine art, mostly because I hyperventilated whenever I thought about going into a classroom full of kids
  69. worked at Sofamor Danek for about 2 weeks
  70. did not work for about 3 weeks - only the 2nd short period that I'd been without a job since I was about 16
  71. worked at Kate's, formerly the Robert E. Lee Antique Mall
  72. moved again - to a normal apartment with just Mr. #26 and not lots of other people
  73. started making decent artwork and figuring out how to paint
  74. went to Washington DC for the first time
  75. worked at a small candle company making candles
  76. lost another great-grandmother, Mimi Lena
  77. lost my grandfather in-law
  78. drove to Pensacola and Panama City a couple of times to visit friends and relatives with #47
  79. went to Boston for the first time
  80. convinced Mr. #26 to support me financially during my last semester of school (sucker!)
  81. my first nephew was born!
  82. graduated from the University of Memphis with honors, thank you very much
  83. worked as an unpaid intern for 2 different places for a whole summer
  84. went to New York for the first time
  85. got a real job that I still have
  86. attended my sister's college graduation
  87. made paintings for myself (as opposed to for school) for the first time
  88. assigned myself a series to paint because I missed the structure of school
  89. was part of a group show at a real gallery for the first time
  90. partied like it was 1999

Friday, January 25, 2008

Things You Probably Don't Hear at your Job

1. "I'm dropping off the rebar right now."
2. "I would need to have my laser people do a site visit."
3. "Just keep me posted on any laser updates."
4. "I don't like defecation on City Hall marble."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orange Things in my Studio

1. weird little figure from some Japanese candy

2. tape measure

3. Please don't leave anything behind

4. clamp/cord holder

5. as if this is going to help

6. paint, of course

7. purse

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good Things Last Week

Since the previous week wasn't so great...current week is still anybody's guess...

1. T bought me the movie Eagle vs. Shark AND the 1st season DVD of The Flight of the Conchords, the latter specifically for me to have on while I paint! (Yes, he is thoughtful!)
2. Got to exercise twice - pilates and running!
3. Hung out with C - went to an art opening, ate at Dino's, watched Gremlins and played Uno Attack! until 1:30 in the morning.

4. Went on 2 dates with my husband. (Dates at this point, 16+ years into it, consisting of a dinner at Blue Coast Burritos, and a dinner at Saigon Le, but I am not complaining!)
5. Best Week Ever came back on!!!
6. Re-organized my closet.
7. No one yelled at me.

Guestlist: This Click (Daily) Believes

In the spirit of NPR's This I Believe (and all these freakin' lists) by Click (Daily):

1. I believe good food makes you feel good.
2. I believe in love over God.
3. I believe in exercise.
4. I believe my family will always be together.
5. I believe there is plenty of true evil in this world.
6. I believe my friends are the finest people there are.
7. I believe in taking care of beings that can't take care of themselves.
8. I believe that #7 can be done in a harmful way or in an empowering way.
9. I believe we have a responsibility to the universe to do it as the latter.
10. I believe reading makes us better people.
11. I believe people are born as their core person.
12. I believe we can teach others.
13. I believe popular movies are art.
14. I believe in documenting the everyday.
15. I believe in adventure.
16. I believe in my son.
17. I believe in my husband.
18. I believe my house is one of the finest around.
19. I believe in travel.
20. I believe in discomfort.
21. I believe in heartbreak.
22. I believe in conversation.
23. I believe in setting one's self apart.
24. I believe in joining up for a cause.
25. I believe in the power to create community.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Guestlist: Toby's Response to Katherine's 100 Things

2. 30 years from now they will still be funny.
9. RJA told me that story was true.
18. Have you ever been on a date that did not include Mexican food?
22. I am the smartest person you know.
23. E and I would move just to be closer to you (but not to Florida).
37. That's nonsense.
42. I have never lived alone. I don't think I'd like it.
47. That is a very good point.
48. Amen.
50. You are and will always be 9 to me.
51. That one is true.
58. I chose not to.
60. Me too!
66. Yes. It's genetic. Very genetic.
72. I never thought about it, but you are right not to like it.
85. That period has ended?
86. Sissy.
91. See #50.
93. Did you choose 93 for that on purpose?
100. I have to go. I think the stove is on.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Guestlist: 100 Things about Katherine

By my favorite sister, Katherine, mother of Harper. I thought it would be fun to put her list here because:
1. it's a list,
2. she is more fun than I am so will therefore have a more interesting list, and
3. I am too chicken to go beyond the 25 I have already given you, Internet.
She obsessed about possibly mentioning her foot hygiene too much, and if she did she apologizes.

100 Things about Katherine
  1. I was born on April 1st, 1977.
  2. I have heard the same jokes about my birthday for 30 years.
  3. My thumbs are short and bulbous.
  4. I drink milk with dinner (at home).
  5. The most disgusting thing in the world to me is when people share dairy products. They leave a visible film and it’s gross.
  6. When I was 8, I fell on my permanent teeth and knocked the front two loose.
  7. I knocked the one to the left of my front two (or #10 as the professionals call it) completely out, root and all.
  8. My brother found the tooth in a sidewalk crack, and the doctors put it back in.
  9. Later, my brother would torture me by telling me that he found that tooth in a pile of dog poop.
  10. I now have an implant formerly known as tooth #10.
  11. I have had many, many root canals and other procedures thanks to that accident.
  12. I once fell asleep during a root canal, only to be awakened by my own loud snoring.
  13. I have never had a cavity.
  14. I love being married; he’s my best friend.
  15. Becoming a mom made me twice as happy as I already was which I didn’t even know was possible.
  16. My husband and I had our first date at a gay bar.
  17. Coincidentally, we currently live in a predominantly gay city.
  18. Our second date consisted of Mexican food and him flying me around Pensacola in a very small plane despite my innate fear of flying and a very bad hangover (mine, not his).
  19. Our decision to move to South Florida went like this: Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale—pick one.
  20. I lived in St. Louis for 1 year.
  21. While I was there, I planned a wedding to be held in Pensacola.
  22. My mom is the smartest person I know.
  23. I miss my big brother and sister and their families so much that I would move just to be closer to them (but not to Memphis).
  24. We cannot move from this part of the country until my youngest brother graduates from high school in 2011.
  25. I miss the South so much.
  26. However, I do love all of the different cultures down here.
  27. I have put my road rage in check since I’ve had a baby.
  28. I am technically the middle of 5 kids.
  29. I am also the youngest of 3.
  30. For a while, I was the oldest of 3.
  31. I am one thesis away from a Masters in Communications.
  32. I want to go back to school for a degree in Education.
  33. I used to be an agent at Elite Model Management.
  34. I was on the math team in 8th grade.
  35. I still use my fingers to add and subtract.
  36. I am not good at any sports, not even exercising.
  37. I have no real talents.
  38. I love yoga.
  39. After graduating from college, I drove across country to help my friend Audra move to California.
  40. Then I flew home by myself—my first time flying.
  41. I lived in a different apartment with a different roommate each year for the 5 years that I lived in Pensacola.
  42. I did not like living alone.
  43. I was voted class clown my senior year of high school.
  44. I graduated from high school #13 in my class.
  45. I love cable network reality shows—The Hills, The Real Housewives of Orange County, House Hunters, etc.
  46. I like to watch TV commercials.
  47. I think side-by-side refrigerators are stupid because you can’t fit a pizza box in them.
  48. I love office supplies—especially post-its.
  49. I wish I knew more about the Bible.
  50. I have known my sister-in-law and brother-in-law since I was about 9 years old.
  51. I cannot sing or dance at all.
  52. I have an entire, choreographed dance routine to ‘Footloose’ in my head.
  53. I can (and do) tell my sister anything.
  54. Scattergories is my favorite game.
  55. I (a Florida resident) did not vote in 2000 and specifically remember saying the night before the election that my one little vote wouldn’t make a difference.
  56. I smoked cigarettes for 10 years.
  57. I love fashion but cannot afford to show it.
  58. I was not allowed to drive until I was 17.
  59. I met my best friend in high school, Jennifer, because I asked her for a ride somewhere.
  60. My labor started when my water broke.
  61. The power went out as we were leaving for the hospital, and I panicked because I thought God was telling me that I’d better hurry up!
  62. I had a c-section the next morning.
  63. I have always been envious that my older brother and sister are so close in age.
  64. I live my life with the Golden Rule in mind.
  65. I think having your feelings hurt is the worst feeling in the world.
  66. I am a smart ass, but apparently it’s genetic.
  67. I often end up apologizing for something I’ve said or done after obsessing about it for a while.
  68. I tend to get very anxious and obsessive.
  69. Being with my husband has calmed me down a lot.
  70. I get so excited every time I go to the daycare to pick the baby up.
  71. I always try to be open-minded.
  72. I do not like when fathers say they are “babysitting” their own kids.
  73. I love sage green.
  74. I cry during Bill Pullman’s speech in ‘Independence Day’ every time.
  75. Dinner is my favorite meal, and I like to have seconds.
  76. I do not think fruit is a dessert; it’s fine for breakfast or for a snack.
  77. I love the idea of a pedicure but am freaked out by stories of dirty foot utensils and infections.
  78. When I suck it up and get a pedicure anyway, I have to close my eyes and grip the armrests during the part where they scrape the bottoms of my feet.
  79. Some nights, I put Vaseline on my feet and wear socks to bed to make up for my lack of pedicures.
  80. When I wear flats, I put deodorant on the bottom of my feet to keep them from getting sweaty. I have a separate stick for this.
  81. I am totally attached to the Boppy.
  82. I would love to produce and organize photo shoots for magazines and catalogs.
  83. I think that leggings and tights look totally cute, but I feel that I let them wear out their welcome the first time they were in style and will not revisit that trend again.
  84. I like to sing songs about everything in spite of #51.
  85. There was a period in my life when I had to watch ‘Friends’ everyday.
  86. When I am given a shot to do with a group of people, 9 times out of 10 I throw it over my shoulder or dump it on the floor.
  87. I like to treat myself to an US Weekly from time to time.
  88. I enjoy trying new recipes when they don’t call for some funky tool like a sifter or double boiler.
  89. I have never read a Nick Hornby book that I didn’t like.
  90. I am fortunate in that I am able to only work part time and count it as a blessing every day.
  91. I still can’t believe that I’m an adult.
  92. When I have guests over for dinner, I feel obligated (as a Southerner) to offer sweet tea.
  93. I like even numbers.
  94. I sometimes put things I’ve already done on my To Do lists just to ensure that I’ll be able to cross something off.
  95. I grew up watching General Hospital.
  96. My favorite dessert is ice cream.
  97. I like to write—the actual physical act of writing with pen or pencil on paper.
  98. I regret a lot of the decisions I made in college, for example, majoring in psychology.
  99. I get asked about my accent on a regular basis.
  100. I always check to make sure the stove is off, even when I haven’t used it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guestlist: Songs in My iTunes with a Number in the Title

By RJA. In numerical order:
  • When I Was Cruel No. 1, Cruel Smile, Elvis Costello
  • When I Was Cruel No. 2, When I Was Cruel, Elvis Costello
  • Dust 2 ..., When I Was Cruel, Elvis Costello
  • American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version), Blood & Chocolate (Bonus), Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  • God Part II, Rattle and Hum, U2
  • 3-Minute Rule, Paul's Boutique, Beastie Boys
  • The 3 Rs, Curious George Soundtrack, Jack Johnson
  • I Would Die 4 U, Purple Rain, Prince
  • Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4, Mighty Like a Rose, Elvis Costello
  • 5ive Gears in Reverse, Get Happy!!, Elvis Costello
  • 5-Piece Chicken Dinner, Paul's Boutique, Beastie Boys
  • Driver 8, Eponymous, R.E.M.
  • 13 Steps Lead Down, Brutal Youth, Elvis Costello
  • 13 Steps Lead Down (Demo), Brutal Youth Bonus Disc, Elvis Costello
  • Friday the 13th, At Town Hall, Thelonius Monk Orchestra
  • 15, Under The Blacklight, Rilo Kiley
  • 15 Petals, Cruel Smile, Elvis Costello
  • 15 Petals, When I Was Cruel, Elvis Costello
  • 20% Amnesia, Brutal Youth, Elvis Costello
  • P. 25 London, Amorica, The Black Crowes
  • "40", War, U2
  • 45, When I Was Cruel, Elvis Costello
  • Ol' 55, Closing Time, Tom Waits
  • Fame ('90 Remix), Changesbowie, David Bowie
  • Hawkmoon 269, Rattle and Hum, U2
  • One After 909, Let It Be, The Beatles
  • It's 1200 Miles From Palm Springs To Texas, The Capitol Years, Dean Martin
  • 1975, Get Nice, Spoon
  • 3121, 3121, Prince
  • 1,000,000, Dead Letter Office, R.E.M.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guestlist: Things I Have Learned about Police Officers/Detectives from Watching Movies

By Click (Daily)

  1. He does the wrong things for the right reasons
  2. He is a loner, but needs a savior
  3. Grizzly exterior, heart of gold
  4. Something in his past is very painful
  5. Holds a grudge
  6. He is either fairly ugly or very handsome
  7. Quick with the come backs, but not verbose
  8. Despite major character flaws, he gets the job done

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Things During a Bad Week

  1. Bookclub, of course. We discussed Water for Elephants and voted in a new member.
  2. Visiting with the Z-girls.
  3. Roma Pizza at 22 N. 3rd St.
  4. Seeing Sputnik.
  5. Free Indian tea while I waited for my take-out meal.
  6. There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene.
  7. Yogurt + granola.
  8. Camilla Engman guest blogging on Design*Sponge.
  9. Getting a haircut because it's nice to be reminded that even during bad times my hair looks good.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good January Music

  1. The Police, Outlandos d'Amour
  2. The Police, Zenyatta Mondatta
  3. The Police, Regatta de Blanc
  4. Spoon, A Series of Sneaks
  5. Spoon, Girls Can Tell
  6. Spoon, Kill the Moonlight
  7. Nina Simone, In Concert (1964)
  8. Nina Simone, I Put a Spell on You

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What We Discussed at Book Club Last Night

  1. Ayurveda body types
  2. parasitic twins
  3. elephants
  4. counting calories
  5. crying at work
  6. dry counties
  7. raucous office parties
  8. organizing!
  9. dwarf anatomy
  10. nursing homes
  11. tapirs
  12. hotel parties
  13. Frankenfurter
  14. cute old men
  15. happy endings

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Travel 2007

1. Ft. Lauderdale for Katherine's baby shower

2. Las Vegas for a public art conference

3. Atlanta for my cousin Cara's wedding

4. New York City

5. Drummonds, TN, for my cousin Heather's wedding

6. Ft. Lauderdale again to meet Harper

7. Eureka Springs, AR, for Greg & Luz's wedding

8. Tallahassee for Robin's wedding

9. Philadelphia for Thanksgiving

10. Atlanta and North Florida for post-Christmas visiting

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Movie Version of the Book Water for Elephants by Elizabeth Alley

or... The lengths to which I will go to put off getting ready for bed when I know I just have to get up and go to work tomorrow...

1. Rachel Bilson as Marlena

2. Ryan Gosling as Jacob

3. Gerard Butler as August

4. Alfred Molina as Uncle Al

5. Peter Dinklage as Walter

6. Orson Bean as Camel

7. Alyssa Milano as Barbara

8. Christopher Lee as Older Jacob

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Books I Read in 2007

  1. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith (bookclub)
  2. Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (lent by Mimi - just realized I haven't returned it yet)
  3. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer (bookclub - I highly recommend this one if you can take sad books)
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (2nd reading, bookclub - we didn't have much to discuss, just all agreed that it is a great book)
  5. Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut (at least my 5th reading...sigh)
  6. Sleeping with the Devil by Robert Baer (bookclub)
  7. The Soccer War by Ryszard Kapuscinski (bookclub)
  8. Hotel World by Ali Smith
  9. Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  10. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (bookclub)
  11. Storm Rider by Akira Yoshimura
  12. The Lord and the General Din of the World by Jane Mead (bookclub)
  13. The Known World by Edward P. Jones (bookclub)
  14. Emma by Jane Austen
  15. Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott (bookclub)
  16. God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens (more non-fiction for bookclub)
  17. The Sleeping Beauty by Elizabeth Taylor (the writer, not the actress)
  18. The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler (not as good as her book Sarah Canary)
  19. Half of Thomas Eakins: Art, Medicine, and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia by Amy Werbel (because I am a dork)