Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guestlist: Vocabulary Lesson

by My Husband:

Here are 23 words or phrases that, based on usage over the past few weeks, are completely misunderstood by practically every D.C. politician, pundit and journalist in America, in alphabetical order:
  • American People, The
  • Armageddon
  • bipartisan
  • breaking news (Is it really? No, it's not)
  • budget
  • compromise
  • credit rating
  • crisis
  • deadline (You'd think journalists would know better.)
  • debt
  • debt ceiling
  • default (seriously stunning misuse)
  • deficit
  • eleventh hour
  • full faith and credit (Hint: It's not about foreign debt.)
  • kabuki theater (Aaaarrrrrggghhhh!)
  • leadership
  • limit (or ceiling for that matter)
  • Market, The
  • negotiation
  • plan
  • revenue
  • Ronald Reagan

Seriously, can't we force these people to watch "Schoolhouse Rock!" and read "Macroeconomics for Dummies" before letting them have these jobs? A vocabulary test maybe?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantastic Visual List

Check out this list by Hilda Grahnat about places she'd rather be right now. Perfect visual break for a Monday morning.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Contents of Stephanie's Girls' Night Out Purse

1. ID
2. Credit card
3. Phone
4. 4 lipsticks
5. Ponytail holder
6. Tampon
7. A pen

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mentioned in Today's Sketchwork Sketch

See the sketch here on Sketchwork.
  1. Purse by Moop
  2. Flower pin by The Bean and Bear
  3. Ad (spelled "Add" in my sketch - whatever) for the Jane Eyre movie that came out in the spring
  4. Article about the Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project that I participated in for this year
  5. Photos of Paris featuring orange accents by Little Brown Pen
  6. Travel mug from the Memphis College of Art, given to me as a thank-you for making a presentation to students about public art
  7. Coffee mug from Casey Jones Village in Jackson, TN, with my name on it, given to me by my husband in the early early 90's

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guestlist of Lists

Before going on a long car ride, I combine a bunch of iTunes Genius playlists into one and then sort them alphabetically to mix them up. This results in stretches of thematic songs, as follows. 
Suggestions Made By My iPod Playlist, in order:
1. Let's Get Married
2. Let's Go Crazy
3. Let's Stay Together
Admonitions Made By My iPod Playlist, in order:
1. Don't Ask Me Why
2. Don't Go Back To Rockville
3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
4. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
5. Don't Make Me A Target
6. Don't You Evah
Personal Statements Made By My iPod Playlist, in order:
1. I'd Like To
2. I'll Be That Girl
3. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
4. I'm Still In Love With You
5. I'm The Man Who Loves You
6. I've Committed Murder
7. I've Got Dreams To Remember
8. I Can't Get Next To You
9. I Can't Stand Myself
10. I Can't Stand The Rain
11. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
12. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
13. I Don't Know Why
14. I Don't Like Mondays
15. I Got The Feelin'
16. I Hope The I Don't Fall In Love With You
17. I Should Have Known Better
18. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
19. I Try
20. I Will Dare
21. I Would Die 4 U

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Actors I Am Surprised to See in a Cast List for Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Frances McDormand
  • John Malkovich
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Ken Jeong
  • Buzz Aldrin

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three Ladies Who Inspired My Tiny Outfit Paintings

These are... outfit blogs? I don't know what else to call them, but I LOVE them. I don't know these ladies, but they inspired me to get over my winter-clothes boredom by paying more attention to the whole outfit, which led me to take pictures of my outfits, which led to me painting my outfits, only tiny.
  1. Kendi Everyday - she is funny, reminds me of my sister, and makes bold color choices
  2. Unusual Form - she is an architect (yay, design profession!) and lives in Arkansas, so she's practically a neighbor!
  3. The Other Emily - I'm not sure who the other other Emily is, but she's probably not having as much fun as this girl, who is traveling the world and having adventures one outfit at a time

Tiny Outfits by Elizabeth Alley, oil on paper, 3" x 5"

Friday, July 8, 2011

All About Me: The Me Edition

Here are a few blogs I'm mentioned on this week!
  1. Spillmanville mentioned the show that I'm in opening tonight at Harrington Brown Gallery
  2. The Memphis Blog wrote about Memphis Urban Sketchers and our sketch outing tomorrow at the Peabody Hotel
  3. Artbutcher mentioned the Memphis Blog interview
  4. Click (Daily) caught me being silly on the Fourth of July

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wildlife I Saw in Rural-ish Georgia

  1. deer
  2. bunny
  3. red-headed woodpecker
  4. Carolina wren
  5. wasps
  6. more deer
  7. crows
  8. chipmunk
  9. lizard

Elizabeth Alley

Saturday, July 2, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning

Tomorrow's Show for Your Viewing Pleasure:
1. call centers
2. a profile of American gangster Al Capone
3. singer Katy Perry
4. former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
5. the Miles City, MT, bucking horse sale