Monday, April 7, 2008

Guestlist: Go Tigers!

Things I Did Immediately Following the Tigers’ Victory, by Stephanie of The Chockleyblogs

1. Shared a champagne toast with my mother and husband
2. Cried
3. Sang (screamed) the U of M fight song to my brother
4. Talked to friends who were whooping it up at a viewing party
5. Received a call from a different friend in which I was informed that my knowledge of the lyrics to the fight song would have won me a free bar tab the night before. (If only I’d been in town!)
6. Watched Derrick Rose say “Oh shit” during the live post-game press conference
7. Removed the clothes I was wearing and put them aside so that I could wear the exact same outfit on Monday night
8. Tried not to throw up (still in progress)

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