Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things I've Enjoyed Recently

OOPS! I did not mean to leave that negative post hanging out there for so long. To balance that, here's a positive list of things I've enjoyed recently. Notice how much longer it is than the previous one - once I started this list, it was difficult to stop!

  1. Reading The Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby
  2. Thinking about how Hornby's writing about reading would translate to writing about looking at art.
  3. Reading Food Matters by Mark Bittman and trying some of his recipes (I'm not saying they all work, though. At least not when I make them.)
  4. Sending flowers to my Mom for Mother's Day.
  5. Cocktail hour at the Dixon's.
  6. Seeing friends at the fund-raising event at work this past Friday, especially hanging out at Material with Hamlett Dobbins, who was nice enough to play Elvis Costello albums for me.
  7. Going on a date with my husband to see Star Trek.
  8. Leaving work early and taking a day off.
  9. Planning a trip to New York.
  10. Talking to people about Lost.
  11. Gossiping about Jon & Kate Plus 8 with the woman bagging my groceries at Schnucks.
  12. Thursday Night Dinner.
  13. Using my new label maker.
  14. Going to the Farmer's Market.
  15. Going to the Asian Market on Cleveland.
  16. Lunches with friends.

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Christa said...

SWEET! You got a label maker!