Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Cancelled Shows That I Miss

Inspired by this article on Flavorwire about TV characters that they miss.
  1. Eastwick - This show just started in the fall, and it's already canceled. It was good: funny and fast-paced with just a touch of the supernatural, and it was much less tedious than most nighttime soaps.
  2. Earl - Are you kidding me? In the last episode they showed, we learned that Dodge was Earl's son and Earl Jr. was not Darnell's son. And that was it. Just nothing. I miss Randy.
  3. New Amsterdam - This show was incredibly silly, but I couldn't help but like it. It was about a guy who was cursed to stay the same age until he finds the love of his life. He keeps having to reinvent himself and in the present is a NY police detective. Unexpected highlight: the old, African-American, bartender-sidekick is actually his SON! What?! It was a fun show.

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