Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One of my favorite things about my new job is that there are so many people working in this office, and sometimes words and sentences of their conversations filter over to my cubicle, and I write them down and make a list:
  1. "...sort of like a possum or soemthing with a leather shell on top."
  2. "Very few people eat carp."
  3. "There's quite a population of rats in the Memphis area."
  4. "I've done all the blender research."
  5. "Greek civilization is a lot more ancient than French civilization."
  6. "There's nothing but sausage left."
  7. "You may have to live on coconuts."
  8. "It's not a culturally accepted norm here, to be drunk at work."


Anonymous said...

We keep a list here too! Some of the better ones:
"I wish my head would fit in this fishbowl."
"I don't even know how to make crystal meth."
"Speaking of nuns, I drove by Gus's Fried Chicken last night."
"I can't tell you something I know less about than getting crunk. I would be like getting crunk in a sweater set."
"My broccoli does not penetrate."
Can you guess who said which one!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Those are fantastic!