Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Overheard

Overheard in my office, part 2

9. "Oh my god you never had a Cadbury egg?!"
10. "I've only seen one dead person since I've been here."
11. "Are you in a Three Dog Night mood?"
12. "Broke as a joke, man."
13. "What is toast? Are you serious?"
14. "When Indian men bald prematurely, is it common for them to get a hairpiece?"
15. "I need you to put the lid on the sandbox."
16. "Look up Borg on wikipedia."
17. "I made a possum comment yesterday."
18. "...puts diapers on their dog."
19. "I would sleep better knowing you were underneath the garage."
20. "Today is Tupac's birthday."
21. "You don't know who Bugs Bunny is? Do you know who Mickey Mouse is?"
"Do you know who Elmer Fudd is? Do you know Daffy Duck?"
"Well okay."


Anonymous said...

Answer to #14: Apprently not. http://dvice.com/archives/2010/08/groundbreaking.php

Andrea L. Cole said...

Now I too, have looked up Borg on Wikipedia.

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

I didn't think there was really an answer to #14 - there is just a lot of friendly discussion of cultural differences here, which I love. He could've looked around the office to find his answer ;)

Yandie - not totally sure what you were supposed to find there? Who knows what the rest of that conversation was about.

Memphisotan said...

My so-far all-time favorite (from the same office) was a very plaintive "Why do we keep talking about killing people?"