Friday, March 4, 2011

Guestlist: Thoughts While Biking the Greenline

By Click (Daily)

1. Oh good, they cleaned up that mess at mile marker 6. Thanks Shelby Farms Conservancy!

2. ACK, watch out squirrel…whew.

3. I wonder if she is going to move over…"on your left!"

4. Please don’t pop my rode tires, little wooden boards.

5. is windy. I almost can’t keep my bike straight.

6. That is why those jerseyed guys need long bike rides – gears.

7. That prison food smelly yicky.

8. At least the wind will be at my back when riding back west.

9. Why isn’t the wind at my back?

10. Why do those concrete trucks have non-profit logos on them (Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studios)?

11. Butterfly!

12. How can you jog with those big…nevermind.

13. Thank you, kind drivers, for stopping while I cross.

14. What a nice screened in porch.

15. I wonder if Toby Long and Richard Alley will have gone to lunch yet when I get back. And I wonder if they will invite me along.

16. I should write a list down for Elizabeth Alley.

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