Thursday, August 14, 2008

Language Lessons

Actual words and phrases from my conference in Philadelphia:

1. "dialogue" used as a verb
2. "tipping point" used in a way that actually made sense as a phrase and not just a catch-phrase
3. lots of folks said "interestingly enough" - I hear that a lot lately. A LOT.
4. "message" used as a verb
5. "imaged" used as a verb
6. "Gullverian"
7. "sort of" - this is another one I hear a lot, often preceded by "very", which is contradictory enough, but someone at the conference actually said this: "I am very sort of profoundly interested..."
8. heard "below the radar" enough to wonder if anyone ever says "above the radar" or "on top of the radar"

1 comment:

Mrs. Katherine said...

I use "on your radar" at work. I try not to go above or below it.