Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Observations

  1. China...don't get me started. Really, don't. This is a list unto itself, but a) it is just too long to make! and b) if I've spoken to you in the past two weeks you've heard it already.
  2. Beach volleyball should really be called sand volleyball.
  3. Horse dressage should really be called horse dancing.
  4. Only things that get scored by who can jump the highest, run the fastest, etc., should be in the Olympics (sorry, rhythmic group gymnastics!).
  5. Exception for #4 should be the mythic jumping on a trampoline "sport" (mythical because I heard about it but never actually saw it), which should use not breaking your arm as some sort of scoring device.
  6. There should be a do-over for every boxing match that took place, with traditional judging, then in future years, they should have to box until there's a knock-out (see #4).
  7. I watched the Olympics without following the Olympics.
  8. What is with the runners and the gold chains?
  9. The announcers had some verb issues - both "medal" and "final" were used as verbs.
  10. It hurts my heart to think that softball and baseball might be removed from the Olympics.

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