Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guestlist: Words Learned from Mimi K & Pampa Charlie

by RJA, but I helped

> grips = luggage
> lessons = homework
> fronts = sunglasses
> cheaters = reading glasses
> stories = soap operas
> Coke-Cola = Coke
> B.M. = poop
> sugar = kiss or hug, as in 'gimme some sugar'


Stephanie said...

Ah, the famous "B.M." My mom tried to carry that one to a new generation, but now she's just happy if my kids don't say the word "shit."

jccvi said...

My great aunt used "BM" and "grunt" interchangeably. I recall that it was a matter of some concern when I would go to visit her as a child. She'd always ask me if I'd had my "beum." If I looked confused, she'd say "you know, ya grunt," which clarified the subject if not the purpose of the question. As always, a descriptive action word is always better than an abbreviation.

I also had a friend whose Dad would say "gongogitchuacocla" whenever I'd come over to visit. It was his way of saying that I was free to take a beverage from the refrigerator.

At my grandmothers's house I sit on the divan, which has always sounded exotic to me.

Anonymous said...

re: sugar (pronounced shugah)
as a preface, my mom has forty-two first cousins, big family. we were on the way home from my mother's family's christmas shin dig and milla says "who were all those people and why did they need so much sugar?"

it's like i'm living in a family circus cartoon, not as many kids as bil keane, but still.