Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Public Art Conference in Vegas, By the Numbers

1. Number of times I heard the word "performative": 3
2. Number of times I heard the word "banal": 3
3. Number of times Dave Hickey said "do you understand?" during his talk: 8
4. Number of times "Tilted Arc" was mentioned: 4
5. Number of people who looked at me like they were confused and I was crazy when I introduced myself to them: 5
6. Number of Year in Review projects that made me roll my eyes: 2
7. Number of Year in Review projects that were awesome: at least 10
8. Number of times Jaume Plensa used the words "obsessed" or "obsession" during his talk: 10
9. Number of times people jumped line in front of me while I was waiting patiently to meet presenters: 4
10. Number of pictures I took at the neon boneyard: a bazillion

11. Amount of money I gambled with: $1
12. Amount of money I won: $0


Anonymous said...

Did you see Chuck Zimmer? He was there, too. Chuck said he actually heard an artist use the term "pantheistic cornucopia" to describe their work. Ho ho! - DH

Dwayne Butcher said...

I have this great article written about a Dave hickey lecture titled "Do you understand?" This is something that he must say a lot. I will give you a copy.

Vegas Rocks!!!!

Mrs. Katherine said...


Anonymous said...

Kat Tattoo cannot wait to go to the neon museum!!